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    Advocating for a transition to clean energy and
    the diversification of Alberta's economy by promoting
    energy efficiency and renewable energy


We promote energy efficiency and renewable energy on behalf of Alberta's Green Building Industry


We provide talking points, documents and presentations to support the green industry


We connect policy makers with industry members and engage policy making at the grass roots level by creating informal alliances of business and government

About the Green Energy Alliance

Established in 2015, the Green Energy Alliance of Alberta (GEA) is made up of a diverse group of organizations committed to promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in Alberta. Members include local green businesses, educational institutions, municipal governments and various non-profit organizations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a diversified Alberta Economy powered by Green Energy.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

To significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with buildings and our electricity grid

Create Green Jobs

To diversify Alberta's economy by creating high quality and local green jobs

Promote Good Policy

To engage our leaders in developing forward thinking solutions and strong policies on green energy

Those who say it cannot be done should not
interrupt those who are doing it.

- George Bernard Shaw -

Our Mission

Our vision of a diversified Alberta economy powered by Green Energy is what motivates us. We know that getting there will not be easy
and that it will take strong leadership and an effective plan. Below, we have outlined our ambitions, and strategies for achieving our vision.

Goals & Ambitions

The following list represents our major goals and ambitions as an Alliance

  • To build a thriving local industry in renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • To significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, and our electricity supply
  • To level the playing field for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • To achieve critical levels of adoption of renewable energy to ensure the industry thrives and becomes a key component of Alberta’s electricity grid
  • That Alberta gets 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and 100% by 2050
  • Put policies in place to favour the adoption of clean and renewable forms of energy in recognition of it’s benefits to the environment, local jobs and Alberta’s future economy
  • To minimize regulatory issues and barriers that prevent the rapid adoption of clean energy and energy efficiency in Alberta
  • To make Greenhouse Gas emissions a key criteria for new energy development
  • To support the development of small-scale, distributed clean energy projects to ensure wide-scale engagement and to create the opportunity for average Albertans to get involved in the production of clean energy
  • To support viable forms of green energy including, but not limited to: solar, wind, geothermal (geoexchange), deep geothermal, green buildings, energy efficiency etc...


The following list represents the strategies that will help us achieve our mission

  • Create a diverse alliance of business, government, non-profit and educational people to advocate for clean energy
  • Influence local and regional governments and support the uptake of clean energy
  • Unite the green community in Alberta and give it one strong and clear voice
  • Create informal alliances of business and government
  • Create talking points and simple documents to enlist the support of other businesses, local governments and supporters of clean energy policies and development
  • Provide education and presentations on green energy
  • Coordinate with other similar groups and associations to give both a more powerful voice

Our Members

Becoming a Member

If you'd like to become a member...


For-profit companies active in the Alberta green energy industry. One vote per company.

  • 1-5 Employees - $100
  • 6-29 Employees - $500
  • 30+ Employees - $1000

Educational and Government Institutions

Non-profit educational and government institutions. One vote per institution.

  • Educational Institutions - $100
  • Municipal Governments - $100
  • Counties etc... - $100


Non-voting membership categories

  • Non-profits - $100
  • Industry Associations - $100
  • Corporate Associate Members - $100

Latest News

News, articles, posts and the latest from the Green Industry.

GEA in the News

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  • By GEA
  • |
  • Nov 21, 2015

GEAs Guide for Municipalities

The GEA has created a guide for municipalities that is meant to steer the conversation about renewables and green policy in Alberta. This document was sent out to all 300 municipalities in Alberta as well as our Premier and MLAs. Check it out here.

  • By GEA
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  • Nov 21, 2015

The GEA is now on Twitter!

In order to keep up pressure on our government and to get the word out about green energy, we have started our own twitter account. Follow us to get the latest updates on green energy in Alberta. Follow us here.

  • By GEA
  • |
  • November 2, 2015

GEA has submitted a proposal to the Climate Change Panel

We are proud to announce that on behalf of all of our members, we have officially submitted a proposal to the Climate Change Panel for consideration. To see our submission, please follow this link.

  • By GEA
  • |
  • September 30, 2015

GEA to speak at Devon Solar Launch

The Town of Devon will be unveiling a new 100 kW solar PV system on top of their Community Centre on September 9th at 11am. We will be on hand to show our support and say a few words, come join us! Follow this link for more info.

  • By GEA
  • |
  • August 27, 2015

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions, would like to join the GEA or would like any additional information, please contact us using the information below.